Tutorial setup, data & directories

  • Make sure you have Anaconda installed, with the necessary Astroconda packages, as described at http://www.gemini.edu/node/12665.

  • Make sure your shell session is configured to use the conda environment into which you installed the Astroconda packages (eg. “gemini” or “astroconda”):

    > source activate <env>
  • Unpack the data tarball somewhere under your home directory (producing a subdirectory of the same name).

    > tar zxf GMOS_IFU_2017.tar.gz
    > cd GMOS_IFU_tut_2017/
  • Copy LA Cosmic (from http://www.astro.yale.edu/dokkum/lacosmic/lacos_spec.cl) into the scripts/ subdirectory.

  • Create an IRAF login.cl in the red/ subdirectory:

    > cd red/
    > mkiraf

    (Answer xterm or xgterm for the terminal type, not xterm-256color.)

  • The directories are structured as follows:

    raw/ All of the raw FITS files needed for the tutorial
    red/ Working directory for reducing data
    scripts/ Reduction scripts and look-up tables