Future improvements

  • I have developed a personal Python package that can be used to script GMOS IFU data reduction more efficiently than in CL:

    (This pre-dates the recent AstroData re-write, which now looks quite similar to my DataFile class.)

    Most of the reduction steps are still Gemini IRAF wrappers at present, with a small number re-implemented in Python (mainly for cleaning cosmetics).

    This is what I’m now using for my own science projects … but 1. it’s not our official code, 2. it’s not trivial to set up everything needed (something I will address) and 3. some aspects (such as how to override calibration matches) are currently still a bit fiddly and would be difficult to explain until streamlined and documented better.

  • The official Gemini Python pipeline should eventually support reduction of spectroscopic data (perhaps using a combination of Gemini IRAF wrappers and new Python code at first). I also hope to do more work on this soon…

    • Extraction of spectra and wavelength calibration are likely priorities for working with GMOS IFU data.